Did you set up your Facebook Page Incorrectly?

Are you responsible for managing your company’s facebook page? If so, you don’t want to miss this article. Setting up a page might seem pretty simple, but there are a lot of little (some big) tweaks you can and should make to your page to enhance its performance… and make you look good of course! Even a few minor oversights can make it really difficult for people to find your page. And if they can’t find it, they can’t like it! Even if they do find it, then what? Have you got a clear call to action? Is your page visually appealing, or will they want to hit back as soon as they get there?

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First off, create an actual business page – not a personal profile! This may seem silly, but we’ve seen far too many business owners operate what they think is their business page using a personal profile. You don’t want to connect via friend request, you want people to “like” your page.

When creating a business page, it is important to decide which main category your business falls under. Choosing the appropriate category will affect how Facebook graph-Search views and showcases a page. Each Facebook Page type is designed with the specific page type in mind, for example, the “local business” or “place” page type has the “check-in” option.

Once a page is created you can decide which sub- categories best fit the business’s offerings. Choosing the right sub-categories your page will fall under is essential to a page’s search ability, because this is the main way people find the page on Facebook Graph Search. A page can display up to three subcategories, but most feature at least one. These are also interchangeable; if you find a sub-category isn’t driving the best results you can change it. It isn’t recommended to change it often, but if there are multiple subcategories your business falls under, you can feel around until you find one that works best for you. Checking out competitors and where their pages fall will help decide on a sub-category.

Once the sub-categories are decided, you can name the page. Decide on a name, if you have a clear brand or company name the name should be easy. If you are just starting out, and have no ties to names, you can potentially choose a name with keywords in the title to help with Facebook’s Graph Search.

Choosing a Facebook page URL

Once you have 25 fans, you have the option to create a custom URL. Having a custom URL make it easier for your fans and search engines to find your page. Try developing a URL that finds a balance between user and search friendly for best results. Be careful – Facebook limits the amount of times you can change the URL, so choose wisely!


To optimize find-ability, Facebook Page information should be filled out as much as possible. Basic information should include:

  • EXACT address, phone numbers, and hours of operations as it appears on any other online sources (i.e. company website, other social profiles)
  • “About” should feature a link to the company website
  • “Longer About” should be keyword heavy
  • “Local searches” it is important to include Address, City, Province any locational based information
  • “Product searches” it is important to include Company Overview, Mission, and product fields should be filled
  • Any opportunity to link back to a main website should be used

Profile/ Cover Photo

Visual images are the most important part of your social media presence, because that’s what captures people’s attention best, so don’t skimp on your page designs! If you need help creating professional, visually persuasive designs for your social media page, contact us today: info@medialaunch.ca We’ve got you covered!

Facebook profile and cover photos should reflect the brand, and integrate with each other. It is important to have a profile and cover photo that is modern, clean, bright and features the company logo. A Facebook cover photo can include a call to action, but cannot exceed more the 20% text. Cover photo call-to-actions could include promoting a website or the Facebook “like” tab. For examples of cover photos being used as call-to-action click here.

A cover photo is also a way to connect with customers, showcase products or supply information about the company or brand. For some examples of cover photos, ideas click here.


Facebook recently introduced a new page layout that places the facebook page tabs directly under the cover photo. Most speculation about the future of tabs is that users will be sent to them via posts or advertisements, which makes paying attention to the tabs on your facebook page even more important!

For more information about the new Facebook Page layout click here.

To see a working Page with the new layout click here.

The new Facebook Page layout will be divided into two sections to make it easier for users to interact with. The left side of the page will feature the company information that was filled in such as: hours of operation, contact information, “about” section, photos and videos. The right side will showcase the Page’s content that is posted.

The new Facebook Page layout will be introduced in the upcoming year. Tabs that are colour themed can have a better chance of standing out; having them consistent with the cover and profile photo would be visually appealing. Tabs can feature a call to action you should use to get a user to go to your website.  The custom tab, and thumbnail image should showcase the desired call to action. The best tabs to have are the ones that give a reason for users to come back, as well as engage with the brand. For example a giveaway tab if possible, and a link to a blog or YouTube account if they are active. If the number of likes is high this could be an incentive for users to look around the page.

See? There’s a lot more to setting up a page than you might have considered. At Media Launch, we like to say that the only thing worse than not having a facebook page, is having a poorly managed and designed facebook page. It can actually frustrate and deter customers when they visit a poor quality facebook page. Think of the last time you visited a website that had such a terrible user experience that you just had to click away from the site! Well it’s the same with Facebook. You get back what you put in. Do it right the first time!

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