As 2015 wraps up, Media Launch is reflecting on the advancements in social media marketing over the past year and making predictions for what 2016 will bring. The digital world moves quickly, and Media Launch is keen to optimize on emerging trends and new technologies to better serve our clients. Our comprehensive understanding of digital marketing makes us best equipped to craft a compelling marketing campaign for your business. After careful consideration, here are our top five social media marketing predictions for 2016!

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Online advertisers must keep their spiels short and concise with 2016 just around the corner. Online audiences are limited on time and prefer to receive information in concise, captivating bursts. With YouTube hosting over 4 billion views every day, users are accepting the integration of video content and advertising platforms.  Both video and slideshow applications optimize the interaction time with the user. Video marketing is on the rise and predicted to dominate in 2016.

2. Saving on Slideshows

Facebook has recently introduced a new form of visual marketing with Facebook Slideshow. This platform allows the user to create a slideshow consisting of several high resolution images to promote their brand. Though the slideshow application may be less flashy than a video advertisement, the idea is to specifically engage mobile users. The slideshow platform doesn’t eat up data and is compatible with 2G phone users, whereas video platforms cost the viewer and have significant loading times. As a cost effective option capable of reaching a wider audience, the slideshow application is expected to become one of the most popular social media advertising tools in 2016.

3. Instant Articles and AMP

Changing the GameMobile powerhouses Google and Facebook have solved the issue of loading time when accessing an online publication using the mobile web with Instant Articles and AMP. Facebook Instant Articles launched earlier this year exclusively to iPhone users, but is expected to become available for all devices early next year. Though Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has not yet become live to the public yet, it is expected to be a huge addition to the scope of social media marketing in 2016. Both platforms utilize existing HTML to display videos, photos and content ten times faster than the mobile web. Instant Articles allows the publisher to sell ads within their article, and has already teamed up with big names such as The New York Times and The BBC. The upcoming year will certainly bring the mobile user options for seamless and interactive browsing.

4. A Rise in Mobile Ecommerce

With the integration of the Buy Button on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, other social media businesses are following the trend and developing ecommerce applications for their platforms. In 2016 we can expect to see leading social media applications such as Snapchat and Instagram, utilize their widespread popularity to offer new advertising opportunities. These applications will offer the instantaneous video posting of information that they are known for, along with video advertisements that will promote ecommerce.

5. Quality Over Quantity on Instagram

Instagram is blazing the trail with over 400 million monthly users as of Fall 2015. They have a projected revenue for this year of $600 million and an expected revenue of $1.5 billion by the end of 2016. With the high level of traffic and exposure, advertisers are running to get a piece of the action. Instagram, seeking to preserve its image, has utilized quality control measures to stop a flood of cheap looking or irrelevant ads. Instagram has been conducting market research and is cautious in concern with what ads will be posted, how they will play, and how much space they will fill.It will be interesting to see how marketers maneuver the task of creating high quality ad campaigns to adhere to Instagram’s goal of organic user experience.

These advances open the door for innovative social media marketing strategies, and Media Launch is excited for the new and exciting challenges ahead! Contact our offices for all your marketing needs in 2016!