Instagram is becoming the ultimate eCommerce tool for 2017, since Instagram is one of the most visually appealing platforms on the web. Its visual design has been a fit for photographers, models, fitness entrepreneurs, YouTube celebrities and more.


Let me give you a breakdown of the 4 reasons Instagram is becoming the new E-Commerce:


  1. Instagram stories are very effective ways of attracting your audience to your website. It takes hard work for a customer to gain trust in you as the seller. It most effective factor for selling is the authentic relationship that you can build with your audience, Instagram stories are changing the marketing game. Engagement is everything, developing a strong engagement with your audience on stories will create a trusting relationship.



  1. Showcase your newest products by using links within Instagram stories, so it can redirect your audience straight to your website. You can explain the reasons why to buy, as it is a fast click for the customer to purchase right away.


  1. Brands have budgets that are growing exponentially, the direct traffic and conversions that brands are paying for influencers to “sell” their clothing is tremendous. The influencer market has transitioned Instagram into becoming an e-commerce platform. We see the shift in shopping, gravitating to the web for a one stop shop for all your needs. Creating a personalized shopping experience and creating a relationship with the influencer, that is wearing the items that you wish to have.


  1. A huge thanks to the additional feature on Instagram – the Explore page. It has proven how brands increase in likes by being “discovered” by new customers in the explore page. This way brands will invest in securing a higher spot in the Explore page. It will attract a lot more engagement and reach on the specific photo!