Are you torn between using Facebook or Instagram for running ads?

The answer is… both are equally effective – but we’ll give you more of the inside scoop 😉

Facebook ads have been around longer and have supporting data to prove they work. Although advertising is relatively new to Instagram, it’s time to consider it because they are one of the most popular channels on social media.


  • Facebook has approx. 1.9 billion active users.
  • Instagram is catching up with 300 million active users daily.

Comparing the Benefits

The targeting options and hacks through Facebook are designed in a way that you can reach your audience and successfully convert users into customers. Facebook and Instagram both offer the same ad formats that include: image ads, video ads, carousel ads and slideshow ads. Both offer plenty of options overall, making campaign objectives a breeze to track.

Facebook receives higher visibility for ads and better exposure for sharing links – whereas Instagram creates better engagement – targeting a younger audience. The bottom line is that it’s about choosing the right platform for your ads depending on your target audience.

Facebook and Instagram ads are both equally beneficial – it all boils down to what your campaign goals are!