Let me tell you why you should use Instagram Stories!

Instagram strives on making photos as attractive as they can with provided filters and text/emoji tools. They must be doing something right, seeing they have 300 million active daily users on the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram Stories…

Stories were created to help users capture everything in between the photo that they had posted. It was frowned upon posting “too” much at a single time on your feed. This was the best balance of just that, you can upload however many clips to create a full story for your viewers. This created a great attraction for companies to brand their products or services, helping create an experience. Since the story only hangs around for 24 hours – so you can keep your audience constantly engaged and looking for more.

Here are some things to think about when you post your next story:

  1. Make sure the photo is high quality
  2. Put an eye-catching caption with cool creative writing that identifies it is your brand
  3. Keep to a color scheme with text/filters
  4. Take an engaging video to catch your audience’s attention that will make them want to follow your vlog
  5. Get creative with it!
  6. You can promote products very discretely 😉